14 May 2010

New Faces, New Places

Bangkok was the starting point for the first leg of my next journey.  A 40 day trip through Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, ending up in Chiang Mai.  The trip is in 3 segments hence new travellers will join us and old friends will leave P5061248 us in both Vietnam and Laos.  One of the joys of travel for me is the possibility of making real connections with people who were perfect strangers only days ago.  I am always amazed when this happens almost instantly and this trip has not been an exception.  Having a concentration of people who are passionate about travel means it is inevitable you will continue to meet at least a few people on the same wave length as you.  Some of them might live in the same city as you but you may never have met them if you had stayed at home.  This leg has a mix of men and women from Australia and England and I will write about some of them as we go along this journey.


Our guide for the Cambodia leg is a delightful gay man from Siem Riep with a passion for fashion!  He dreams of being a fashion designer so there is an added dimension to our trip as he gives us tips and tricks on looking good, while making do on the road with our very limited wardrobes!  He makes me laugh and you will most certainly be hearing more about Dino!     


To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel
is to be able to experience
everyday things as if for the first time,
to be in a position in which
almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.
-Bill Bryson

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