3 July 2010

Bundala Bird Sanctuary

The Bundala Bird Sanctuary is the only Ramsar wetland in Sri Lanka.  Ramsar, a city in Iran was where a convention was held to identify wetlands of international significance. 

Yala, Bundala & Kirinda

The Ramsar Convention is an intergovernmental treaty that provides guidance for national action and international cooperation for the conservation of wetlands.  The Convention's member countries cover all geographic regions of the planet and it is exciting to be in Sri Lanka’s one and only!

The drive leading up to this area is beautiful, with majestic trees and beautiful temples. P6301146

P6301150We hire a jeep with a tracker and driver and set off to explore.  Our first sightings are a group of cheeky monkeys who amuse us with their antics and a little day old baby.  Yala, Bundala & Kirinda1-1Unfortunately, this is not the best time to see bird life in Sri Lanka as the season for migratory birds is the Northern Hemisphere winter.  Still, we see our fair share of aquatic birds and other animals and I’m happy to be doing some 4 wheel driving again!Yala, Bundala & Kirinda-2 One of my favourite shots in the park was this one of the croc with its mouth wide open.  It honestly looked like a plastic replica and I couldn’t get enough of him!IMG_9247More interesting aquatic birds which include the Indian darter and the cormorant follow.Yala, Bundala & Kirinda-1

IMG_9262I would like to come back when the flamingos are visiting from India but today I settle for sightings of painted stork!  IMG_9271

Some people get lost in thought because it's such unfamiliar territory.  ~G. Behn

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