7 June 2010

An Introduction to Van Vieng

P6030288 We travel by local bus with Kung our Intrepid guide to Vang Vieng.  The trip is pretty uneventful and I decide to veg out and listen to Thirsty Merc and the four hours pass by quickly.  We’ve been joined by Wong, a local guide from Laos.  P6030287We now have a guide each for this leg of the trip..it seems a bit of overkill..but hey...let’s just go with the flow.  

Kung our main guide is Thai but the languages are similar and she is able to communicate pretty although even she has trouble in the Vietnamese laundry place where Jane has left her stuff!  Jane eventually gets her stuff washed after being shown the fridge, the toilet, the shower and the washing machine on her first attempt!  All in a days travel in Laos.     

The scenery changes as we travel and we suddenly see the famous limestone Karst this area is famous for.   These mountains are peppered with similar caves to those found in Halong Bay and we know we are in for a treat exploring this area.   There are many rivers that flow through Vang Vieng and the town is a popular destination for many water sports from kayaking to tubing..but more of that later.

Intrepid Lao-4 I think what surprised me about this place was its fame as a party town.  The party starts for many young backpackers as they hop off the bus and we’ve heard stories of travellers who have ended up leaving their tour groups to party on in Vang Vieng.   People come here for a day and stay for ever…

It is a bit unfortunate for the culture of this sleepy town but the bars are mostly along the river so life goes on in the village as the kids party on by the banks of the river.


Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. – Benjamin Disraeli

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