15 June 2010

A Post Card from Chaing Mai

I run into my new group quite by accident on Monday morning.  Emily heard my voice at the front counter and thought she recognised an Australian accent and turned around to ask if I was on the trekking trip that left on Tuesday! 

I know you Aussies will think this funny…but hey…there are people out there who think I have an Australian accent!  I was introduced to the rest of the group.  There and four of us.  Emily (blue T Shirt) is from Texas, Ed the only male is from London and Helen is…from Derbyshire!  Yes..it is a small world.    P6141118

P6141117  I had planned to spend Monday getting ready for my trek.  I had plans of having a Thai massage and a facial..just a bit of pampering after 40 days on the road but my new friends had other plans.  I was introduced to our guide – a young man named Sanit from Thailand and they informed me they were just setting out on a city walk and invited me to join them! 

So..of course I said yes.  We spend the morning exploring the temples of Chaing Mai and getting to know each other.  This is the first time I have an American in my group..and as we chat amongst ourselves, we find there are as many language and cultural differences between us as there are between us and the Thais!  This is going to be an interesting trek.  We are already beginning to tease each other..about the differences in our vocabulary!


So..in between exploring places such as Wat Chedi Luang and swapping travel stories, I got to know my new travel mates..


I should like to spend my whole life travelling, if only I could borrow another to spend at home"

William Blake

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