25 June 2010

A Postcard From Colombo!

When I boarded the plane in Bangkok, I hadn't expected to see anyone I knew although this isn't the first time I have bumped into friends on a plane ride to Colombo.  I hadn't even reached my seat when I vaguely saw someone waving ..and realised they were 2 mates I had gone to university with in Colombo back in the 80's!  Geethani and Samantha met while we were in uni in Colombo and got married shortly after we graduated.  They both studied electronics, went to the US to get their Phd's and now live in Phoenix, Arizona.  They were on their way for a family reunion and happened to catch the same flight back!  Talk about a small world.  So, we found some spare seats at the back of the plane and spent the next couple of hours catching up on mutual friends and our lives in general.  I had met them about 3 years ago when they were visiting Sydney and invited me to Samantha's sisters for a reunion.  His sister happened to live at the top of my street in Sydney!  Like I said...small world..!

It is about 1 in the morning when I arrive and my cousin Ramani and her husband Ajith have come to pick me up.  It is good to see familiar faces after being on the road for so long!  The streets are empty and we arrive home in good time.  My mom is delighted to see me.  I can't stop chatting and finally at about 3 in the morning my mom gently says it probably is time to go to bed!

Lot's has happened since then but the power pack in my laptop isn't working and we are off on our travels around Sri Lanka tomorrow. I will try and get it repaired while on the road, and keep the blog up to date. If by chance, you don't hear from me for awhile you know why!

There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

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