2 June 2010

Toilets in South East Asia

It isn’t possible to write a travel blog about South East Asia and not have a post on toilets.  A real traveller often has a few good toilet stories to share – so why should I be any different.  Besides a few girl friends have insinuated that my back packing isn’t hard core enough..so I thought I would share these pictures…

While I have encountered many disgusting toilets in my previous back packing adventures, funnily enough I have never encountered communal ladies toilets!  Obviously, people in South East Asia have far fewer hang ups than we do in the west…or they are just plain weird…only joking…!

Check out the communal western toilet we found P5280034in Halong Bay.  While there is a bit of privacy with the partitions in between each toilet seat, there are no  doors in this toilet.  

During one of our pit stops on a long bus ride, we found a communal eastern toilet.  This one didn’t have any partitions at all and didn’t leave anything to the imagination…

P5290087 This was the toilet we found in our hotel on  Cat Ba Island, in Halong Bay.  The toilet was positioned so close to the wall, that you had to use it side saddle!!  What kind of engineer/architect designed this ??

Intrepid_ Vietnam-24

Yes – there have been a few laughs along the way…but did I actually try all of the above??  Now that would really be far too much information!


A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi

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