19 April 2010

Communing with Dolphins

I am thankful that Liz woke up in time for us to get off the bus in Kratie.  Never doze off in Cambodian busses, because you will definitely miss your stop!  I suppose that goes for busses in general but I am still getting used to not having my own transport!

One of my less favourite things about Asia is the music played on these long bus journeys!  I drown out the din, by turning up my IPOD, closing my eyes and letting the music of Bryan Adams..or Bernard Fanning..(thank you Leonie and Nona) or whoever takes my fancy at the time to croon me to sleep.  When your destination is not the last stop, this can be a dangerous pastime!

We had reservations at the You Hong Guest House but imagine our surprise to find out there was a You Hong 1 and a You Hong 2!  Of course we ended up at the wrong Guest House, but they seemed to know we were coming anyway..and we were safely escorted to our quarters!

Once there, it was a bit of negotiation to get the right room.  Every addition to the room costs a few dollars, so we had to answer a few questions on arrival.  “Do you want TV”, No.  “Do you want air-conditioning?”, No.  He looks a bit exasperated and then asks, “Do you want two beds”?  We both burst out laughing before I responded, “Yes, that would be handy!”


After a quick wash, we hired a tuk tuk to get down to the water.  We spent a lazy evening on a fishing boat on

the Mekong River in search of Irawaddy Dolphins.  They are similar to bottle nosed dolphins and come up for air often enough, snorting loudly enabling us to get a pretty good view. 

It was sunset and we watched the sun go down on the Mekong River before heading back for dinner.


A few of my favourite pics of a Mekong Sunset..




In the words of the guy at the internet cafe,

“I will see you when you see me!”

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