5 April 2010

My First Day at Work!

My new life at least for a month has begun!  We leave for the farm early in the morning afterBlog Gap Year-6 breakfast at the guest house.  I have traded in my Camry for a tuk tuk and my Aussie gear for local Cambodian clothes.

There are 6 P4050113of us working on this project and we have a lot of laughs during our hour long commute through rush hour Phnom Penh traffic. 

Today I was mostly observing and helped out with one of beginners classes in the morning and with a more advanced class for teenagers in the afternoon.  The kids are delightful and motivated to learn and join us on our lunch break to practice their English a bit more.

Blog Gap Year-7

We finish teaching at 3 in the afternoon.  The heat is killing me, but after a short rest Liz and I went out for dinner to one of the Indian restaurants in town and explored the city.  The temples are stunning and I can’t wait to discover them properly.

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Leonie said...

I can't believe you have bought more clothes! How are you ever going to fit it all back in your pack for the rest of the world if you collect clothing from every place you visit?
I like the Cambodian's flood evacuation plan - perhaps this is something we should try with our residents. I'm sure they would love to hear the story of Noah's Ark lol!

travelbug62 said...

The entire Cambodian wardrobe cost about $20 and I don't plan to take it around the world (lol)! Just makes sense to be dressed like a local.

Yes, plan to go in search of more local flood mitigation solutions and keep you guys informed. Give you a better understanding of where people in western Sydney have come from :) !!