22 April 2010

Overland Flooding in Cambodia!

Finally it rained in Phnom Penh!  It was great to see a real storm after weeks of hot, humid weather.  The rainy season is not far away now..and this storm was only just a precursor to what will surely follow!

The din from the storm was so loud that we had to cancel classes in the afternoon…we couldn’t hear ourselves speak. 

Later, on our way home,we found ourselves driving through flood waters that were so high we were worried out tuk tuk wouldn’t make it.  Ours did..others were not so lucky!


I shot these pictures on my way home through the swirling waters, thinking about everything you are not supposed to do in a flood….such as drive though deep water!  Apparently, this is what it’s like in Cambodia for much of the rainy season.  In fact in many villages the only way to get around is by boat!  Perhaps I may have to come back to experience that.   I read in the local paper that  they have just spent over 20 million dollars upgrading the drainage system (aid from the Japanese).  I couldn’t see any drainage…just standing water in the streets.  It appears this problem may have been caused by blockages due to uncollected garbage.  It was the New Year last week..and the country just shuts down.








Perhaps someone needs to create a trouble spots data base here ? :)

I think my colleagues were quite amused at my excitement about this event, because one of them leaned across in the tuk tuk and said, Nil, it’s just rainwater..why the excitement ?

So…I told her about my day job in Sydney!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a great blog. I have been following your adventures and enjoy the armchair travel i can do by following your journeys. I am jealous. Only last week i was looking at Ta Prohm on the net. It seems awesome and brings home to me how little it takes for nature to reclaim what was once her territory. They had a TV show on here a couple of weeks ago about what would happen to the earth if man wasn't around suddenly. Quite interesting. Keep blogging. I am following with interest. Cheers Cathy K

The Read Family said...

Are you sure that these shots were not taken in Cabramatta?....