8 April 2010

In Remembrance


A year ago today (the 7th of April), my father passed away and I was on a very different journey.  I reached his bedside two days before he passed.

That event and a number of others in my life have forced me to pause and take stock, and have been the catalysts for the journey I am on now.

Paul Coelho states in the Alchemist:

“To realise one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.”

Most people never realise their destiny or ever ask the question, “why am I really here?”   They are too afraid to step away from the path that society begs them to follow.  Or perhaps, too afraid of the answer to that question.   The road is well trodden, and there are plenty of tips from well meaning friends and family who have chosen to go the same way.   

If you are filled with enthusiasm for your life’s work, then perhaps you may have found yours! 

Today, I remember a man who found his destiny and gave life his best shot.  I feel his presence as I go in search of mine…

1 comment:

Steven said...


I love the passion with which you write and was particularly touched by this 'remembrance' of your father.

In the last few months my world has dramatically changed and seems to keep changing. I am realising my destiny... thank you for your contribution to that and I hope your latest journey inspires others also.