5 April 2010

Farewell Sydney

I think I started planning for this Blog Gap Year-3is trip about 6 months ago.  When I first visited Flight Centre and mentioned to Shane that I intended to travel around the world..I don’t think even he quite realised what I intended to do!  In retrospect, planning a year around the world has been the fun and easy part.  Packing up my life in Sydney was what really stressed me out!  The list of things to doP3240073, never seemed to end…from terminating all my services to making sure my vaccinations were up to date and organising my computer & banking… the list never seemed to end!   Then of course there were the goodbye parties.  I started saying goodbye in February! Photo Selection  I thought if I was really organised about this…there would be one less thing to worry about in April!  But of course.. February is far too early to start the goodbye process…so my last few weeks were spend catching up for luBlog Gap Year-4nch and dinner with all of my friends one last time :) !  “  Together with my sister who helped me pack up, my friends helped me out in so many ways!  I would not have been on that plane without them!


I will always be thankful to them…and miss them on my journey.  I love you guys very much !! 

Blog Gap Year-5

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