7 April 2010

I’m Settling In…

I’m settling in but I am still fascinated by everything I see during my morning commute to the orphanage. Even though I grew up in Asia, living in the sterilised west for almost half my life means that the diversity of Asia still holds enormous appeal for me.  From the Cambodian Crocodile Dundee to the Yellow Hummer and the family of four piled up on a motor bike…I see it all during my hour long tuk tuk ride to the farm.


I have settled in to helping Dan with the intermediate class and I think that’s what I will be doing at least for the near future.  We had quite an interactive class today and got the kids talking about the upcoming holidays and their hopes and dreams for the future.


In case you’re wondering…most Cambodian seem to love having their picture taken which is good news for me :)

There’s a lot of excitement in the air, as it is Cambodian New Year next week.  Classes were disrupted in the afternoon as the kids piled into tuk tuks to go shopping for new clothes!


We went down to Riverside for dinner today..and walked the back roads in search of some authentic Khmer food.

Guess what I had for dinner today :)P4060201

Ok…I’m kidding.

That’s it for now.  Next week, most of the kids will go home to extended family to celebrate the New Year…and we will have more time to explore.

Stay tuned…lee-hai!


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